Thursday, May 27, 2010

mr. katz

Mr. Lias Katz totally stole my heart on my last trip to Chicago.  Not only is he a huge   flirt, but he is super cute too!  The child of our dear friends, he is so funny and oddly very into technology!  During the shoot I had to continue to let him look at the camera and all the buttons so he wouldn't cry.  A little odd considering he is only 1, but we went with it and it worked! 
Lias, thank you for the giggles and fun.  Love ya, Em 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

brooke, maternity

I am so excited to introduce my newest Mom to be, Brooke.  Brooke and Dan were clients of mine, which seems ages ago, and now they are expecting.  What a delight to take pictures for them again during such an amazing time.  Brooke is really "glowing" with delight here.  (The sun flare helped a bit, but really she is beautiful.)  Thank you for including me on this special time.  What a treat.  Brooke, I am so pumped for you I can hardly stand it.  You are going to be an amazing mom.  All my love, Em