Monday, November 29, 2010

ryan & angie, engagement photographer, Madison, WI

Meet my newest clients Ryan and Angie.  We had a lovely fall day for their engagement session in Madison, WI.  We started downtown by the capital and then drove down by lakeshore drive.  We actually went to the spot where Ryan asked Angie to marry her on Picnic Point.  Turns out in college I used to run and sit out on the very same tree that they were engaged on.  So fun!  
It was so lovely getting to know the two of you and I am thrilled about your big day next year.  We are going to have a great time.  I'm ecstatic about capturing your celebration.  All the best to you both this holiday season.  Em

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

peter & andrea, wedding photography, Milwaukee, WI

WOWZAAS!  Peter and Andrea's November wedding was gorgeous and a perfect way to start the month.  The light in Milwaukee that day was out of control awesome.  We drove from Menomonee Falls where the ceremony was to Wauwatosa where their reception took place at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Our drive was perfect as it gave us outstanding spots to stop and capture this lovely couple and there wedding party enjoying the day!  I'm so glad that they followed my crazy lead and went with my random spots and side of the road detours.  The trust paid off.  All the best to you both.  We had a blast with you on your big day.  Em   

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

miss lily, portrait photography, Minneapolis, MN

Oh the joy of meeting Lily!  It finally happened ... I had a little one do what I wanted for a change!  Lily was such a trooper and formed into almost every position we put her in.  I think the key was that she was within a week of being born so the tight quarters and funny positions didn't bother her much!  The heat probably helped too!  When I left the house it was 75 degrees!!!!
What a blessing Miss Lily is and I am over the moon that she is finally here.  Being the second child to my dear friends I can't wait to watch you grow!  All my love dear Lily, Em


the hanson family, Portrait Photographer, Stevens Point, WI

The smiles from Noah and Lily made my day!  Even as an infant Lily has a full on smile and is full of expression!  Thank you Hanson fam for including me in your special memories.  What a beautiful fall day we had together for a shoot.  Cheers to your giggles and smiles.  All the best, Em

matt, portrait photographer, Stevens Point, WI

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Matt to capture his true passion, Firefighting.  Matt has worked with the department for the last 5 years and is now preparing to graduate and continue his passion in the real world.  Thank you Matt for the awesome opportunity to work with you and thank you for serving our community.  Congrats and cheers on your upcoming graduation,  Em

Monday, November 15, 2010

miss jaeden, portrait photography, Milwaukee, WI

What a BLESSING!  This is the third time I have been able to work with the Dlugi's, and it is total joy to hang out with Miss Jaeden as an almost one year old.  What a young joyful soul she is!  Her many faces and big blue eyes are amazing, but the thing I loved the most is when she closes her eyes, throws her hands in the air, and smiles toward the sky!  What does she know that we don't.  This week I will do the same ... Smile huge, throw my hands in the air, and turn my head to the sky!  Thanks for the reminder J!  Can't wait till next time, Em