Wednesday, September 29, 2010

natasha & kevin, Stevens Point, WI wedding

What a beautiful day they had to get married.  Some tears to joy, many smiles, and all celebration.  After the ceremony we went around Stevens Point finding some great locations and fun spots for portraits.  I just love the water reflection image below.  We certainly have some great spots to shoot in Point.  We continued the celebration at Pacelli high school with many toasts and cheers.  And many dancing feet!
Thank you for being so willing to try my fun ideas and making me laugh all day.  We had a ball with you two and all your friends.  Cheers to you and your marriage!  All the best, Em

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the demars fam, Stevens Point, WI portraits

What a pleasure it is to introduce my second set of twins this month, Addie and Reagan.  These 3 1/2 year olds are total bundles of fun.  The next image just screams JOY to me.  Their laughter and silliness is infectious.  I love working with twins and seeing how they interact, function, and process things so similarly and so differently.  They are SO their own person! 
Thanks for the fun ladies.  All the best, Em


Sunday, September 19, 2010

jagoditsh family portraits, Stevens Point, WI

And the twins are part of the team!!!  This was my first official meeting of Dexter and Zeb since there arrival.  What a treat!  They are adorable, lovely, and made me totally giggle.  What a fun morning we had together.  Here is a little sneak peak of the beautiful morning.  I look forward to many more giggles as the Jagoditish fam continues to grow up!  Happy happy day to all you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ben, Senior Portraits, Stevens Point, WI

I love working with High School Students.  On the way to an awesome Senior school year, rulers of the school, and on the verge of starting a massive life switch ... these sessions always prove to be interesting and a good reminder as to how time passes so quickly.  It seems just like yesterday that I was getting my senior pictures taken.  Sadly it was longer ago than I would like to admit!
Thanks for trusting me with your senior portraits and my random ideas.  I'm so glad we were able to work together to get you some good shots to start out your big year.  All the best to you Ben.  Have a great year! Em

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the barnet fam Stevens Point, WI

Oh the baby love continues!  
Due at the end of the month, Jackie wanted to capture her pregnancy with the family before the big day arrives.  This is the third time I have been able to work with the Barnet family and I continue to find joy in watching the kids grow.  I just love this first image of Jackie with Gracie.  The kids affectionately call the new baby "Sammy" while hugging and kissing Jackie's belly.  Looking forward to meeting "Sammy" in person very soon.  All the best, Em 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

mr. kellan Stevens Point, WI

Happy 1st birthday Kellan!  I wish I knew what you were thinking when you have your serious face on.  Your "deep thought" faces are fantastic.  I adore your giggles while swinging on the swings and love that you are almost walking.  It is such a joy to capture your growth this last year.  I'm so excited to continue to watch you turn into a little man.  Wow, a year flies by quickly.  Oh, and you have the coolest parents as well.  They rock and I am so thankful to know them.  All my love, Em