Tuesday, September 30, 2014

.jeff & jenny. Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding photographer

And they lived happily ever after!  Jenny loves Disney and Jeff loves Jenny so much that he made her dream a reality!  They were engaged at Disney world with a special Mickey ring (see below) and Jenny transformed into a princess on their wedding day.  Her dress was amazing.  I don't think I have ever seen that many layers of tool or a veil that long!  Cinderella eat your heart out!  You could also take a hint from Jenny and loose those glass shoes too.  Try yellow flats instead.  Can you find them below?
I have know Jeff for 10 years and to see him so happy, so relaxed, having so much fun made this day SO EXCELLENT!  Jeff and Jenny are a great team and it brings so much joy to see them so in love.  Thank you friends for having me at your wedding.  What a fantastic day!  Many many cheers, Em

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

.jenny & desiree. St. Paul Wedding Photographer

To witness a friend glow on their big day like Jenny did makes my job the best job.  Period.  I have know Jenny since 1994 and I can say I have never seen her look so beautiful and be so happy.  She didn't even look this happy when we won the state hockey championship.  Love will do that to you!
Speaking of hockey Desiree loves Jenny so much that she surprised her by having hockey sticks engraved into Jenny's wedding band.  Jenny had no idea and was absolutely surprised and shocked when she saw it on the alter.  She practically skipped down the aisle to show her family after the ceremony.
It was so excellent to witness to their love, joy and wedding day.  I am so happy to welcome them to the married club!  Cheers to many many happy years.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beautiful day, beautiful souls, beautiful LOVE!  What a joyous celebration.  Tim and Lindsay were married at her parents house on the lake in Hatley, WI.  A small intimate party that was relaxed and filled with such a happy vibe I couldn't help but be filled with happiness as well.  
Tim and Lindsay didn't see each other before the ceremony but they did do a special hand hold around the corner as you can see below.  It was so sweet to see and capture their excitement.  
As you can see above we did a special day after session to take advantage of the water and Lindsay and Tim's awesome skiing skills!  Two fantastic days finished with a blast out on the water.  
Cheers to this beautiful couple.  May you be blessed with many years of love, Em