Wednesday, September 24, 2014

.jenny & desiree. St. Paul Wedding Photographer

To witness a friend glow on their big day like Jenny did makes my job the best job.  Period.  I have know Jenny since 1994 and I can say I have never seen her look so beautiful and be so happy.  She didn't even look this happy when we won the state hockey championship.  Love will do that to you!
Speaking of hockey Desiree loves Jenny so much that she surprised her by having hockey sticks engraved into Jenny's wedding band.  Jenny had no idea and was absolutely surprised and shocked when she saw it on the alter.  She practically skipped down the aisle to show her family after the ceremony.
It was so excellent to witness to their love, joy and wedding day.  I am so happy to welcome them to the married club!  Cheers to many many happy years.


  1. nice and professional work and really nice photos !!

  2. These photos are so nice specially the dog photo awesome .