Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beautiful day, beautiful souls, beautiful LOVE!  What a joyous celebration.  Tim and Lindsay were married at her parents house on the lake in Hatley, WI.  A small intimate party that was relaxed and filled with such a happy vibe I couldn't help but be filled with happiness as well.  
Tim and Lindsay didn't see each other before the ceremony but they did do a special hand hold around the corner as you can see below.  It was so sweet to see and capture their excitement.  
As you can see above we did a special day after session to take advantage of the water and Lindsay and Tim's awesome skiing skills!  Two fantastic days finished with a blast out on the water.  
Cheers to this beautiful couple.  May you be blessed with many years of love, Em


  1. WOW! so amazing places and stunning photos ...thanks

  2. The first kissing scene looks exceptional to me .

  3. They all are looking so stunning because of these perfect shots.