Monday, December 28, 2009


I just love baby giggles!
Kellan is the newest member to the Casey family and my current favorite, blue eyed, giggling client. This is the third time I have worked with the Casey's (first their wedding, second Sarah's maternity session) and they continue to bring me such joy and fun. They are such a pleasure to work for and I am so grateful to work with such rad people and friends.
I adore the three black and white images below with Dad and son. The smiles that they share are so heartfelt and make a great series. This is why I love my job. These precious surprises!
Thank you for continuing to use me to capture your family memories. Congrats on your newest member of the family. Kellan is adorable and I look forward to watching him grow. Love ya, Em

Monday, December 14, 2009

pete & alexis

At the beginning of the month I had the distinct pleasure in capturing one of my best friend's sister's wedding in New York City. It was so much fun to be a part of the big weekend and to shoot this wonderful celebration.
Not only did I get to photograph Alexis and Pete's day in NYC (which was amazing), but I was able to hire my close friend Ksenija who assisted me with the photography. Ksenija is also an amazing makeup artist and was hired to do the makeup as well. She had a busy day, but did a great job with each responsibility. Thanks Ksen, it was a hoot. I'm so glad we were able to work on a job other than our own sister's weddings!!!
As for the location ... it was super cool. Once again it rained and then snowed on Saturday, but with plenty of practice with "the weather" over 2009, we knew what to do! As you can see Alexis was extremely flexible and allowed us to go outside for a little to capture the goodness around their location. The ceremony and reception took place at Bridewaters right across the street from Pier 16 . What a great location. Obviously we would have loved to have had dry weather, but even with it being wet we found some great spots that really took in what the day was like and where we were located. I love the one with the puddle and the big boat in the background. Super hot! I was very impressed with how Bridgewaters worked the event. There set up was quick, organized, and put together extremely well and the food was gorgeous and super yummy. Well done Bridgewaters!
Cheers to Pete and Alexis. It was awesome working with you. Your relaxed attitude and chill vibe made our jobs easy and enjoyable. We truly enjoyed watching you be so happy. All the best to you both in life and your love, Em


Thursday, December 10, 2009

fournier family

I recently had the pleasure of capturing my dear friend Michelle and her family. Mom, Dad, her brother and his family all met up to capture some good old family fun. The kids were more interested in doing there own thing but thankfully I have a quick shutter and Auntie Michelle to help out! We had a great time hanging out and being silly.
I hope this finds you enjoying the our new snow and getting ready for holidays. Thanks for the fun. All the best, Em

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

deegan family

Meet the Deegans. On a cold day in November we hunkered down in their warm house for our first photo session. We added some of the kids favorite toys, cow and sheep, and had some fun. Their blue eyes are just stunning and catching a serious face, well, was seriously hard! Lots of laughs and silly faces were had by all.
We actually caught a few family photo's with everyone looking in the same direction, eyes open, and smiling! A Christmas miracle with a 2 and 4 year old! What a joy it is to see a loving family at Christmas. Thank you for inviting me into your house during this time to capture the love.
All the best to you this Christmas season. Em

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Meet Mr. Harrison the newest son to our past clients William and Marla. Even though Harrison wasn't much in the "mood" for smiles the day we met, he still managed to look very serious and give us a few funny faces. Once again I was stunned to witness the love between parents and their children. Thank you for inviting me into your home to witness your joy. All the best to you this holiday season. Love, Em

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


"Rock on girl" is what comes to mind when I see this image above! I had the pleasure of meeting Ayla in person recently for our first photo session. I went to college with her mom, so our shoot was also a reunion of sorts. What an amazing and crazy experience to see your friends with their new babies.
I am a lucky girl that I have such a cool job! Thank you Ayla for inviting me into your home and sharing your parents with me for an hour! You are going to grow up in a very loving and fun family. We are both very lucky girls. I will keep my eye out for more cute hats for your collection! All the best to you, Em

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

stacey & kevin

Check out Stacey and Kevin's fabulous wedding in Duluth, MN. The beginning of the day gave us cold and raining weather, but just at the perfect time, the weather cleared for a good half hour and we were blessed with another awesome opportunity to get great lighting for great images. Stacey and Kevin were extremely flexible because we had to make new plans to deal with the weather. Their flexibility really paid off. You have no idea by their faces that they were freezing. It was only 35 degrees by the water during some of those shots, so they did a great job.
One of my favorite parts of the day was at the end of the ceremony when the string quartet played "All Of My Love" by Led Zeppelin. That was the first time I had heard that song played at a wedding, and I thought it was awesome! Thank you for doing something out of the box. This was a great example of how to do a classic rock song tastefully (or sneaky) inside a church ceremony!
Stacey and Kevin's reception was held at Greysolon Ballroom in downtown Duluth. Greysolon is not only a beautiful locations, especially for winter weddings, but the staff, service, and meal was outstanding. I was very impressed with this location and look forward to working there again.
Thanks again for the great Saturday. Congrats on your big day. It was beautiful.
All the best, Em