Tuesday, October 28, 2014

.andi & dana. Minneapolis MN wedding photographer

What a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful couple!  The sun couldn't get any brighter and their smiles couldn't get any bigger!  Making their union legal and being able to coming home from New Mexico to Minnesota to celebrate the big day with family and friends made their dreams come true.
What an awesome celebration.  Andi & Dana's wedding day took place at Elm Creek Park Reserve which was a fantastic backdrop for the day.  Even the butterflies joined in the fun.  (Can you find the Monarch below?)  The excitement was so strong for them that I even teared up during toasts.  When there is true joy it gets me every time!
Thank you for allowing me to share in your JOY!  I am ridiculously honored that you allowed me to capture your wedding day.  Cheers to many more beautiful years together, Em

Thursday, October 23, 2014

.brian & kirstin. Cable, WI wedding photographer

All you need is love ... and your dog!
If you are looking for a perfect example of an intimate wedding Brian and Kirstin are your couple.  The location: the north woods of Wisconsin at Lakewoods resort
The crew: 20 of their closest family & your favorite pet
The ceremony: meaningful, sweet, by the lake and under the sun
The love vibe:  Strong!
I adore all kinds of weddings, large/small/extravagant/simple.  It doesn't matter to me.  The most important part is the love that is shared between the couple.  Brian and Kirstin were such an amazing couple to work with because their love is so strong.  Their love isn't a "screaming in your face" kind of strong.  It's a quiet, confident connection that glowed between the two of them all day.  All I had to do was put them in the right locations and they did the rest!  Just themselves ... peacefully in love just hanging out with the people that adore them most.  The two of them should give classes to other couples on how to be "awesome" on your wedding day!  Thank you for bringing me along for the ride on your day of awesomeness!  Cheers, Em

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

.luke & anna. Minneapolis wedding photographer

Love is certainly in the air with these two!  I have know Luke for, well, lets just say a long time!  And when one of your long time dude friends finds a sweetie ... I mean "the sweetie" it brings the man you have known to a whole new level.  Thank you Anna for bringing out the best in our dear friend and welcoming us into your life so easily.  The wedding was beautiful with the celebration kicking off on the banks of the Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis.  What a smashing location.  The ceremony was so special.  They had their good friend officiate and it also seemed that two angels were most definitely present as well.  The rain push away at the exact moment it needed to so that the ceremony could be outside and two rainbows popped over their shoulders as they said their vows.  It was breathtaking.  

Instead of lighting a candle or pouring sand during the ceremony they added a love lock to the fencing and threw the key into the river.  What a grand gesture.  The key is captured below making its  way to the water.  If you look close you can see it!
Thank you Anna & Luke for trusting me with your photos and including Will and I into your circle.  I am honored to be your friend and a part of your big moments.  Many many cheers for many many years!  Em

Can you see the key being thrown into the river?  Look above the building on the left