Wednesday, April 28, 2010

joe & alissa, wedding

Meet the most fantastic couple, Joe and Alissa.  Their wedding took place this last weekend in downtown Minneapolis.  I get so excited when I get to shoot in a new location, for my head just goes wild looking for new spots or locations that match the bride and grooms colors and style.  It turned out to be a perfect day.  The rain stopped just at the perfect time, I found an awesome blue wall that totally matched Alissa's color scheme, and working with Joe and Alissa was super fun. Joe and Alissa's love and excitement for each other is absolutely infectious.  Alissa wins the "The most adventurous bride" award!  While shooting on the bridge above the river, Alissa looked down and said, "let's go down there!"  400 wiggly and slippery steps later she was hiking through the woods right next river in her heals and with a smile on her face.  And that was only the beginning.  As we were wrapping up at the reception at the McNamara Alumni Center on the U of M campus, Alissa and Joe kicked off their shoes and jumped in the reflection fountain.  It was so awesome and a great example of just rolling with where the day takes you.  Alissa and Joe, thank you for being so willing to do anything and have a good time in the process.  Capturing you looking at each other made my day.  Cheers to you both.  Thank you again for all the fun.  You guys rock!

Friday, April 23, 2010

miss kendyl

Meet my newest rock star in training, Miss Kendyl.  It took a little time to warming up, but once we got started the smiles didn't stop.  Mom had the best idea and bought a cake to celebrate the big first year's photo shoot.  And all I can say is WOW, did it turn out well.  I now know how I am going to spend my next birthday.  Can you say fun?  I had the best time, and obviously Kendyl did as well.  At first she was very proper with her cake tasting, and only took small samples.  Five minutes later cake and frosting were flying.  I wonder what it is like to have cake inbetween your toes?  Thanks for the great Friday afternoon Kendyl.  Happy Birthday!  Em

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

jason & kristina, wedding

I just returned from the best weekend!  Not only was it my 4th wedding anniversary but now I am able to share my anniversary weekend with one of my favorite friends.  Kristina and I have known each other since we were teenagers.  What a true joy it was to witness the love that her and Jason share and in such a beautiful place. Their location and joy put together made for an amazing celebration.  I was extremely impressed their ceremony and reception site located in Beaver Creek, Colorado at Saddle Ridge.  What a beautiful location for a group of 50 to celebrate.  Their God centered ceremony started the evening off beautifully.  It set the mood for a meal with many heart felt toasts and laughs. Although this was my first time seeing Kristina and Jason together, I left the weekend with a true sense of a deep connection between the two of them.  Their love for each other glowed, and my hope is that it was captured here.  To see the full day please watch the slide show at the end of this post. Cheers to Jason & Kristina.  May your love for each other continue to grow.  Love you, Em


Monday, April 05, 2010

josiah & wendy, wedding

Cheers to my newest couple of 2010, Josiah & Wendy. Wow, was I impressed with these two. Three words to describe them best ... super in love!
When they first saw each other in the center of the Grand Theater I knew the day was going to be a smooth one. Their eyes locked and it was smooth sailing from there on out. No direction was needed, for they just knew how to be with each other.
The locations were super awesome as well. I certainly didn't feel like I was in Wausau,WI during some of these shots. I highly recommend the theater for a ceremony/photo shoot location. Their reception was held at the Jefferson Inn which is always impressive. The staff continues to amaze me. Kind, friendly, and hard working. On Saturday they fed a room of 314 people in less than an hour. Unbelievable!
The party continued on into the night and boy did we have a dancing crowd. Some of the best that I have seen! Watch the slideshow to get a feel for the fun vibe that was there.
Thank you Josiah and Wendy for being so great to work with. We had a great time with you and your family celebrating your love. All the best to you in your new married life. Em