Sunday, May 27, 2012

.muehl family. Madison Portrait Photographer

Happy Birthday and Mama's day to Ann!!!  Her lovely husband Dave gifted her a family portrait session for her birthday this year.  Such a thoughtful gift!!!  It just so happened that we scheduled the shoot on Mom's day as well which made it extra special.  
What a gorgeous family!  The sun, grass and smiles were perfect for our Madison location.  Many cheers to Birthdays and Mama's!!!!  Much love,  Em

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

.giebel family. Minneapolis portrait photographer

Meet the Giebel family ... again!  It's been a while, but we are old friends.  John and Jodi's wedding was the first wedding I attended as a young adult.  I took my first and only greyhound bus ride to get there!  I had my first and only car accident with John's car in high school.  Ugh!  I took my first real job to pay for the damage!  Ugh!  John was a hero and gave me the cash back!  Thanks John!
I adore the Giebel family and am thrilled to get them some new family and head shots.  Their adorable puppy joined in the fun too.  Thanks guys.  Great seeing you all again!!!  Much love, Em

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

.father fats opening!!! Stevens Point, WI

Chef's dream comes true!  Father Fats OPENS!!!!! Christian and Leah Czerwonka's dream of bringing a restaurant to downtown Stevens Point is coming true this week.  Father Fats Public House, 945 Clark St., opens today featuring a menu inspired by Spanish tapas -- smaller plates of appetizers -- mixed with the cooking style of Christian Czerwonka, which includes Asian, Southwestern and Creole themes. The name for the restaurant comes from his nickname while working as a line cook at NOLA, one of Chef Emeril Lagasse's restaurants in New Orleans.
The menu, and the concept for the restaurant, has been in development for years, since the Czerwonkas opened Christian's Bistro, 3066 Village Park Drive, in Plover in 1997.
I was asked by Leah and Christina to shoot the inside of Fats last week.  Here are some of our candids! Go to the restaurant to see the rest!  Cheers and much success!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

.max & jill. St. Paul Wedding Photographer

Wow, what an incredible wedding.  When you hear that the groom thought, "She was always the ONE" about his bride it makes my heart melt.  A small Sunday wedding at the St. Paul Hotel made for the perfect backdrop to celebrate the love of Max and Jill. 
The smallest of details were not missed and had such great meaning behind them.  Max and Jill used Jill's parents wedding rings for their rings.  What an amazing heirloom and reminder to love like the great example they had set.  They also had books as their wedding favors because of their love for literature.  Each guest was able to pick out a new favorite book, because "Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.  -Mark Twain"  
Congrats to Max and Jill my newest couple.  Cheers to you!  Em