Wednesday, September 25, 2013

.bill & sarena. Stevens Point, WI Wedding Photographer

A gorgeous celebration for a gorgeous couple.  Bill and Sarena had their ceremony in the beautiful Saint Stephens in Stevens Point, WI.  Saint Stephens is such a wonderful church located right downtown.  After the ceremony we made our way just with Bill and Sarena to Waupaca, WI where the real fun started!  The travel time was perfect as it gave them some private time as well as a relaxed atmosphere to snap some lovely images of just the two of them together.  I can't say enough about couples taking the time to have moments for themselves on their wedding days.  It can really make a big difference.
Upon arrival at the reception a massive celebration started and everyone relaxed and put their hair down.  Corinne with Canvas Weddings  had everything set perfectly and Spice Tie Band had everyone on the dance floor and they rocked "the tent" as usual!
Bill and Sarena were total rock stars on their big day.  Completely themselves, completely candid and completely in love.  Thank you for being yourselves and trusting me with your big day.  I am so thrilled for you both.  Many many cheers!  Em 

Friday, September 20, 2013

.ryan & inger. Waupaca, WI wedding photographer destination wedding

What a wonderful weekend for a gorgeous destination wedding.  Not everyone instantly thinks of Waupaca, WI as a destination location for a vacation or a wedding, but once you are there you can see why Ryan and Inger picked it for their wedding weekend.  The setting was a perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception at the Crystal River Inn.  What a fantastic location to celebrate a wedding.  The relaxed nature of the Inn matched with Ryan and Inger's personalities made for smooth shooting the whole day.  The weather was perfect as well.  No rain, just sun, warmth and all fun.
Thank you for choosing Wisconsin as your destination and me as your photographer.  All the best to you both.  Happy viewing,   Em

Monday, September 16, 2013

.sean's senior portrait session. Stevens Point, WI photographer

Sean's senior portrait session took place on a beautiful Sunday evening in Stevens Point, WI.  An all around star athlete (Football, basketball, track) it made it hard not add sports into some of his images.  We however didn't make it the focus of every image and incorporated "Sean just being Sean" too.  Thanks for the fun afternoon.  All the best in your last year of High School! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

.ryan & rachel. Wausau, WI Wedding photographer

Ryan and Rachel were married on a beautiful summer day that all brides hope for.  A day filled with beautiful weather, but more importantly they were surrounded with joy, love, hope and lots and lots of laughter.  It was such an honor to be a part of their day, part of their excitement.  My favorite part of making their wedding images perfect for them is sourcing out backdrops and light that matches their style and colors.  There were a number of locations that had yellow and then the light changed and "POOF" we had yellow sun flair as well!  Turns out the yellow barn below was knocked down the Monday after the wedding so no one else can ever use that location for their images.  It is forever their barn! 
Thanks again for the fun.  Cheers to you both!!!  Em