Sunday, September 08, 2013

.nick & marla. Madison, WI wedding photographer

Nick and Marla absolutely rocked their day!  We started out the day out with them seeing each other before the ceremony.   I know that isn't everyones "cup of tea" and I certainly don't push on anyone but I way that I have only seen it add to couples days with no one being disappointed in their "first look!"  
We had smiles, laughs and smiles all day long.  Nick and Marla's easy going vibe added to the relaxed and candid nature of their photos.  Just being themselves and making each other laugh made their photo sessions super relaxed, fast and fun as well.
Marla had been also cooking up a little surprise for Nick for a few years now.  Nick and his friends back in the day used to "ICE" each other with Smirnoff Ice drinks.  Basically if you got your buddy to touch a Smirnoff Ice they had to drink it immediately.  During the reception at the Sheraton in Madison, Marla had the fantastic idea of tricking Nick into being "Iced" during the garter toss.  See the photos below and the slideshow to see how the surprise worked out!   
Thanks for being so fabulous to work with on your wedding day and the last year.  It was an honor working with you and your friends.  All the best to you both,  Em


  1. Stunning photo shoot . Like these so much .

  2. Brilliant photography . So much thanks for sharing.