Thursday, October 28, 2010

kelsy & chris, wedding photographer Stevens Point, WI

If every couple had half the joy and laughter that Chris and Kelsy have the world be a better place.  We had so much fun working at their big day.  Massive thanks to Chris and Kelsy for being so willing to be so adventurous and go along with all my random locations.  I think your adventures paid off!  I adored your choice of greens for your "color" and am thrilled about all the places we found to incorporate it the background.  
Thank you again for including me in all the fun.  Cheers to you both, Em   

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

thank you!!!

This is a recent that I was super pumped on.  It was a reflection from a stained glass window at the church. What a touching reflection of love!
I also wanted to say thank you to all my awesome clients for their patience during the busiest time of year.  I am working hard on preparing all your images.  Trust me, it will be worth the wait.  Thanks again!  Em

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

angela & shawn, St. Paul, MN wedding photographer

Seventeen years ago I would of never thought that this would be reality.  Two soccer chicks would some day trade in their cleats for fancy heals and wedding dresses?  I first met Ang on the soccer field.  Our friendship took us to Madison where we were freshman roommates down on the Lakeshore path.  Many memories and stories later we now are both married!   
When I walked into the room at the St. Paul Hotel to start shooting on Ang and Shawn's wedding my breath was taken away.  She was so beautiful ... timeless radiance ... but the part that took my breath away was she still had her same soccer sandals on with her button down polo shirt.  Nothing had changed!  Same Ang and same Em!
What an honor to be witness to their big day.  Their love for each other was obvious and genuine.  It was such a joy to see Ang's big day become reality.  I adore Ang and think Shawn is a lucky man.  From what I can tell, Shawn isn't so bad either Ang!  Be good to each other.  Thank you again trusting me with your big day.  All my love, Em
Ps.  Go Badgers!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Maryn, portraits, Minneapolis, MN

Oh Miss Maryn.  What a treat it was to finally meet you in person.  It is ridiculous how much I see your adorable mother in you.  Your eyes glow with curiosity and joy!  
    Maryn is the daughter of my dear friend and WOW, I was complete overwhelmed with amazement upon seeing my friend in a new set of eyes and small body.  My go to word for this feeling is ... "DUDE!"  K & C, I love you both and am so pumped for you.  Maryn is adorable.  I look forward to many more hang outs, arm tickles, and giggles.  Love you, Em

the schutter fam, portrait, Minneapolis, MN

The eyes on these kids are amazing.  Their blue is like any other I have seen.  They are all "real" as well ... no photoshop retouching with these two!  
This is the 4th time I have worked with the Schutter family and every time we have a little bit more fun.  It is such a treat to see how they change, grow,and see to their personalities emerge!  
Keep up the giggles and laughter.  All the best,  Em

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the wigley fam, portraits, Minneapolis, MN

Meet some of my most favorite people, Team Wigley.  I have know the Wigley's for many years and am so thankful to have them as great friends and clients.  
For this session we met up at the new Twins Stadium downtown Minneapolis.  What a fun location, especially for these super Twins fans!  It was another beautiful fall day for photo's, friends, and fun.  Thanks again for trusting me with your family memories.  All my love, Em

This one below is one of my favorites:  Small dude, Big city!!!

And this one just puts a smile on my face.  All family portraits with toddlers should be like this!

the hermann fam, portrait session, Minneapolis, MN

I love when work reconnects me with old friends.  Mike was a friend growing up, in fact, he took me on my first ice fishing adventure.  To this day his fishing house is still the best winter fishing set up I have seen.  I was also in attendance at Mike and Janelle beautiful wedding, which seems like ages ago!
Their lovely family portrait session brought us together again.  We went to Minnehaha falls in Minneapolis for the session and just walked around and enjoyed the day together.  It was so beautiful at 70 degrees.    
It was awesome to see you again and meet your adorable girls Maleah and Jillian.  I adore the cowgirl halloween costumes and their giggles.  Thanks for the fun.