Wednesday, October 20, 2010

angela & shawn, St. Paul, MN wedding photographer

Seventeen years ago I would of never thought that this would be reality.  Two soccer chicks would some day trade in their cleats for fancy heals and wedding dresses?  I first met Ang on the soccer field.  Our friendship took us to Madison where we were freshman roommates down on the Lakeshore path.  Many memories and stories later we now are both married!   
When I walked into the room at the St. Paul Hotel to start shooting on Ang and Shawn's wedding my breath was taken away.  She was so beautiful ... timeless radiance ... but the part that took my breath away was she still had her same soccer sandals on with her button down polo shirt.  Nothing had changed!  Same Ang and same Em!
What an honor to be witness to their big day.  Their love for each other was obvious and genuine.  It was such a joy to see Ang's big day become reality.  I adore Ang and think Shawn is a lucky man.  From what I can tell, Shawn isn't so bad either Ang!  Be good to each other.  Thank you again trusting me with your big day.  All my love, Em
Ps.  Go Badgers!!!


  1. Beth Mullikin6:22 PM

    Em - you are incredible. You captured Ang's and Shawn's day beautifully. You have amazing talent! I like your blog too...and of course I'm really glad you and I were able to reconnect through Ang!

  2. Nice photo shoot . Their expression are looks happy .

  3. Professional photograph always my choice .