Thursday, March 26, 2015

.jeff & emily. Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

These two were made for each other!  From the very beginning of meeting Jeff and Emily I knew they were something special.  Listening to them finishing each others sentences to watching them look at each other ... it was OBVIOUS that I had to work with these two!  Their love for each other and everyone around them made it so easy to work with them that I didn't want the day to end.  
I also was witness to one of the best wedding surprises I have EVER seen.  Jeff was able to pull of a massive surprise Lip Dub for Emily with many of her friends and family the year before the wedding.  He surprised her with this video at the wedding reception.  She had no idea and her reaction was priceless (see the slideshow)!  Everyone was in on it but her.  Then during the dance they played the song and EVERYONE got on the dance floor and did the routine all over again.  It was AWESOME.  I love surprises so this was right up my alley.  Thank you for letting me capture your joy.  You two are so excellent and I truly enjoyed working with you.  All the best, M

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

.joey & anna. Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

The happiness vibe was very STRONG with these two!
I have know Joey for almost 30 years.  We shared the lockers next to each other all through growing up!  I would of never thought our paths would cross again after high school ended.  To meet again as adults, help him and Anna plan and to see them glowing with joy on their wedding day was amazing.  What an honor to connect again so many years later during such a big event.
I adore these two together.  They giggled and laughed their way through the day which made only made me love them more.  (Laughing is really the best way to spend the day!)  To say they were happy or joyful just doesn't seem to describe it well enough.  They seemed to be completely themselves with each other which brought a peaceful happiness out of everyone in attendance.  I don't see all the time.  It was special and unique and I am so thankful that I was witness to it.  Cheers to many more glowie happy days for the two of you.  Cheers, M

Ceremony/Reception:  Minneapolis Golf Club