Monday, July 23, 2007

renee & josh

Renee & Josh had a great celebration on the 21st at Sentry world to celebrate their love. What a great party. When Record Entertainment started the music the party really started. Josh put on a great show for us when he did his guarder dance. Good effort! Thanks for the day. Meghan and I really enjoyed ourselves! All the best to you both. Em

rock star brides

Welcome to Rock*STAR*Bride! Where brides feel like a celebrity when getting ready for their big day.

Check out this new product line by one of my favorite brides Heidi! I shot Heidi and Scott's wedding last October in Lake Geneva and had the best time. Take a look at her new gear for hot brides ... "ROCK STAR BRIDES!"

I just bought my first hoody for the next bridal shower I am attending! Can't wait to give this rad gift!
All the best to you Heidi. May your line go far!!!! Cheers, Em

Friday, July 20, 2007

heather & dan

Heather and Dan were married this afternoon at "The Chapel in the Woods" in Waupaca, WI 715.258.7385. The chapel is a great little place to have weddings and offers great backgrounds for awesome pictures. I'm a big fan of The Chapel in the Woods and am so glad we were able to shoot there today. Heather and Dan had a quick but very meaningful ceremony with a few pictures afterward.
Everything was perfect on this beautiful sunny day. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day. All the best to you, Em

Monday, July 16, 2007

McAghon family

What a fun morning with the McAghon family. We had such a good time just hanging out in the front yard. Playing with flowers, and doing ring around the rosies! I wish all mornings were like this!!!
You guys have a beautiful family, thanks for inviting me to hang for a bit! Happy day, Em

luke horton

This was my 3rd session with the lovely Mr. Luke! Drool and spitting up was the new part of our meeting this time, which only means next time will be teeth and crawling around. He has grown so much from the littleness he was when we first met when he was 4 days old. Luke you are such a treat to be around. I can't wait to see you again. Love ya, Em

Luke's favorite position ... feet up and hands in mouth! What could be better?

"drool monster!"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the twins

My newest favorite twins just turned one year old this week! What a treat to be able to hang with them all day on Tuesday. Many giggles, gurgles, and grunts were part of our shoot as Charlie and Anna our chatty Kathy's!
They are so funny and every second do something that I find hilarious. Anna is in full on moving mode as Charlie likes to sit, chill out, and let her do the hard work!
Kim and Jon, you guys are doing an amazing job and I'm so blessed to have friends like you. Thanks for a great afternoon. I look forward to our next session involving walking and maybe even some real words, although grunts for now work for me!!!
Love you, Aunt Em

We added this pink boa to help Anna feel a bit more girly. Some how it ended up in front of Charlie ....

"DUDE, are you kidding me? Get this thing out of here!!!!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

karl & amanda

Cheers to Karl & Amanda. I grew up with Karl and couldn't be more thrilled that he has asked Amanda to be his bride. I took their engagement session at Minnehaha falls, right outside Minneapolis, this Monday. It was a great place to walk around and take fun shots. Their big day is in September and being able to be a part of their wedding is an honor. I can't wait to be able to capture the celebration. See you soon!


Sophie, the 2 toothed wonder! What a cute busy bug. I don't think she stopped the whole time I was there. She is a bundle of joy, smiles, and movement. Thanks for the great session girlfriend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

tricia & brad

Cheers to the new couple! What an amazing day for a wedding. Tricia and Brad had their ceremony on the top of Rib Mountain which was absolutly beautiful. They then took the party to Bello's wine bar on main street in downtown Stevens Point for the reception. What a perfect place to have a party. Bello's offers an awesome place to eat, drink, and celebrate in a non traditional venue. Tricia and Brad's excitement for their big day was contagious and is clearly shown in the pictures they will have to remember their wedding day. Thanks again for the fun!