Monday, August 18, 2008

off to join the circus!

To all my Brides ... I'm just kidding! I will not go join the circus and I will continue to shoot your weddings!
But if I would of done this when I was straight out of college, you can bet I would of moved to Vegas to join a show!
For my birthday my sweet husband bought me a Trapeze Lesson! It was so awesome and I highly recommend it! The school was outside of Chicago but come to find out they have this all over the country! The name of the group is Flying Trapeze and they were great to work with!
First they train you on a stationary bar to get the "hang" of things!

Then you climb the big ladder ...

Get hooked to the safety harness ...

And away you go!!!!

After a few passes, and if you have the timing down, they move you on to the "big time" ... where the special stunt dude grabs onto your hands, says "come with me" and you are flying with the greatest of ease!
It's AWESOME!!!!

Thank you Will for another great birthday. I love being your pretty trapeze princess!!! Love you, Em

hat and wigs!!!

For my birthday my lovely husband (above) held an extremely fun party for me where everyone had to wear a fun hat or wig. So super fun! Obviously you can tell by the pictures everyone was having a great time and participated with a smile.
We had great laughs, good drinks, and many awesome treats. Thank you for all the lovely gifts and coming to celebrate. I had so much fun that I was put to bed at 4 am!!!! Yicks, can this old lady handle this???? Thank you Will ... I had a great time and the wigs and hats made it the best!

the start of birthday month!!!

My favorite time of year ... toga time and my birthday!!!
This year rang in the big three zero for me!!! We started off the the month with the annual "toga party" that we always have with a bunch our friends from growing up. We all wear toga's, get silly, and then go to a local pub to sing karaoke! Pictures below! Wow we are silly!

Here is my Mom and Dad! They are the best. They put us up for the weekend and drive our silly selves around. We love them and are so grateful they like our company and put up with our silliness!

Then the second day of "toga weekend" Dad always says we should have another "theme" party. So this year, since there was a big foot sighting up North this year, he said we should to a "yeti/big foot hunt!" Of course we played along! Will and I dressed as the Yeti's and all our friends were the hunters! So random! And to top it off, there ended up not being any "hunt" at all and the surprise was on me, for the end of the hunt was a surprise birthday party for me! Yipppeeeeee! Had no idea because if I would of know would I of really showed up at a public place wearing my ghetto homemade costume? Thanks for all the fun. I had a great time!


Friday, August 15, 2008

jake & jen

Once again I feel so blessed to be a part of such an important day in my bride and grooms lives. It was no surprise to me that Jake and Jen's day was beautiful! They held the full day of events at Sentry World in Stevens Point, WI. As always, Sentry did a beautiful job. Their grounds are very impressive and they do a great job at host the wedding ceremony and a great party!
Thank you Jake and Jen for being so awesome and having such a good time on your day. It totally shows in your faces! I hope that you are having a great time on your honeymoon. Live it up for us left back here in the Mid West!
Cheers, Em