Tuesday, October 25, 2011

.jandrain family. Stevens Point Portrait Photography

I am always floored when a year has passed, it's picture time again, and how much bigger the kids have gotten.  Maybe it is because the first time I met Connor was when he was still in a crib, and now he looks like a young man.  It is amazing to see how families grow and change each year and I feel incredibly blessed to be included in these moments.  Thank you Jandrain family.  I always love seeing you!   

Monday, October 24, 2011

.kraemer family. Stevens Point Portrait Photographer

One 1st birthday + 4 families = nothing but fun!  On the weekend of Evalee's first birthday all of her favorite family members got together to celebrate the big day.  They also decided to have family pictures taken since everyone was together.  What a perfect day and opportunity for pictures.  Thanks for the fun.    Happy happy first birthday!!!

.ryan & emma. Wisconsin Rapids Wedding photographer

Meet my newest and cutest, Ryan and Emma.  On the most beautiful fall day they professed their love for each other in front of family and friends.  Their was so much joy that even a "spider pig" joined in on the fun.  (Ask the groom!)  
It makes my job super fun when the bride and groom say, "We don't care where we go after the ceremony, just make us look good!"  So we made our way down to the river and throughout downtown back allies before heading to The Mead to celebrate with toasts, singing, and dancing.  Everyone got involved with the fun.  Check out the slideshow below to see the full day.  All the best to Ryan & Emma!  


Friday, October 14, 2011

.pom's and their humans. Stevens Point Portrait Photographer

Oh how I love puppy love!  My four new furry friends kept my morning busy as I did my best high pitched puppy praise noises to get them to all look in the same direction.  By God, it worked and I didn't even need to photo shop their head!  The humans did a great job too!  Smiles and everyone looking in the same direction = a good day!  Thanks for contacting me to capture your furry crew of fun!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

.nadia & oliver. Stevens Point Portrait photographer

There aren't enough words.  Love these kids, Love their smiles, Love their giggles, just love!  I can't believe you two are this big already.  It's pretty cool that your Mom is one of my best friends too!  Keep up the good work kids.  Love you, Em

Monday, October 03, 2011

.tom & mary. Chicago, IL wedding photographer

When Tom and Mary look at each other they glow.  You can almost see sparks when they smile in the others direction.  
Their big day started on Michigan Ave at the Westin where all the ladies put their best on.  We then made our way to St. Chrysotoms Church for the beautiful ceremony.  I just love the photo below of Mary in full smiles at the beginning of the ceremony.  What a gorgeous church for a wedding ceremony. After some quick pic's after the ceremony we took the party to the Casino Club.  What a fun, unique and beautiful place to have a celebration.  The toasts, food and music were perfection.  Chicago Sway got everyone dancing and having a fabulous time.  If you need a band, this crew knows what they are doing! 
Thank you for the fun, laughs and joy that was shared all day.  Work hard to keep that joy going for it is infectious.  All the best and cheers to your love, Em

   This is Tom and his 93 year old grandmother holding hands!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!