Monday, July 29, 2013

.lars & brooke. Hastings, MN wedding photographer

Meet the gorgeous and lovely Lars and Brooke!  It just doesn't seem to fail, we were once again totally blessed with a beautiful day.  At the start of the ceremony it wasn't looking like the rain was going to hold off ... but sure enough the SUN popped just at the right moment and the rest of the day was perfect.  A perfect mixture between clouds and sun to give Lars and Brooke a beautiful day to remember.
We met before the ceremony which gave us plenty of time to do a private photo sessions with them, their wedding party and families so that after the ceremony it was all fun, food and joy!
What a beautiful setting with such lovely touches that Brooke made all herself.  She had a little extra help from Lizie Anne from Lize Anne Wedding and Proposals who pulled her DIY dreams all together on the big day.
Cheers to my newest couple!  All the best to you and congrats again, Em


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