Saturday, July 20, 2013

.matt & allison. Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Wedding days are pretty neat.  The excitement has been building, the joy is overflowing and when I show up I help pull it all together and help facilitate everyone to look their best.  The next part is totally out of my control but it is always when the magic happens ... the sun will pop just for a second to make an image go from good to out of control awesome.  The rain will stop just long enough to get outdoor photos.  Some might call this coincidences, but I call them God winks.
We had a number of them during Matt and Allison's big day.  The rain came down hard during the ceremony and with windows surrounding the entire church no one could miss it.  To our happiness the rain stopped 5 minutes before we were scheduled to do outdoor photos.  The clouds stuck around for most of the outdoor part which looked beautiful but just at the perfect time the sun popped which gave us this gorgeous warm glow.  We were so fortunate.
The other great part for the day was Matt and Allison.  What a beautiful couple.  Their love and support for each other is a true inspiration and just awesome to be around.  We had such a fun day shooting with you both.  Thank you for being so adamant to have me as your photographer.  All the best to you,  Em


  1. Church-themed wedding is so loyal and scared. Brides in dresses and grooms make promises.

  2. wonderful photography here ....keep it up

  3. All of these photos are professional . Love these shoot .

  4. The Frozen reference in Courtiers vows! I scan that line and was like "wait, i do know that, wherever is that from?" Then it hit Pine Tree State and that i laughed. i really like refined references like that! Well done