Tuesday, September 30, 2014

.jeff & jenny. Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding photographer

And they lived happily ever after!  Jenny loves Disney and Jeff loves Jenny so much that he made her dream a reality!  They were engaged at Disney world with a special Mickey ring (see below) and Jenny transformed into a princess on their wedding day.  Her dress was amazing.  I don't think I have ever seen that many layers of tool or a veil that long!  Cinderella eat your heart out!  You could also take a hint from Jenny and loose those glass shoes too.  Try yellow flats instead.  Can you find them below?
I have know Jeff for 10 years and to see him so happy, so relaxed, having so much fun made this day SO EXCELLENT!  Jeff and Jenny are a great team and it brings so much joy to see them so in love.  Thank you friends for having me at your wedding.  What a fantastic day!  Many many cheers, Em


  1. Really good job and stunning photography ...!!!

  2. All of these photos are capable capturing .