Tuesday, February 13, 2007

happy birthday mike!!!

Many may ask, "What does one do to celebrate one's birthday in the middle of the winter in the northern Mid West?" Well, Mike Williams has figured it out ... WE Go Curling!!!
To celebrate Mike's new year a group of us got together to partake in the fun sport of curling at the local Stevens Point Curling Club.

You may ask, "What is curling?" Good question.
In basic terms it is shuffle board with big rocks ("stones" is the pro term) on a sheet of ice. To start, you push your body off the starting position to get momentum for your body and stone. While moving, you let go of your stone with great ease in hopes that it makes it to the other end where the bulls-eye is waiting! Depending on where your stone lands your team can gain points. You can also help your stone along by "sweeping" in front of it as it makes it's way down the ice. (see picture below)

Not the easiest thing we have ever done, but loads of fun while we tried.

Happy Birthday Mike. Thank you for letting us celebrate you and curling.
We love you!

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