Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry merry

Merry Christmas!
We are up in Cable, Wisconsin for the holiday with my parents and my husband. It is a winter wonderland up here as you can tell from the picture. I was shocked as we drove closer. It was so beautiful. I forced Will to stop the car on our way in so I could take this picture. It truly looks like Narnia.
I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy, and enjoying each other. All the best to you. I will post more soon for I have an awesome wedding shoot on New Years Eve.
All the best to you, Em


  1. merry christmas to you my friend! i love you so much & am so grateful for our friendship. :) love that pic, by the way! xoxoxo!

  2. That tree looks gorgeous, I'm curious what you did for lighting? Simply beautiful.