Sunday, March 15, 2009

up north and loving it!

For almost a week now I have been up north dog/house sitting for my parents up in Cable, WI. Everyone thought that I would be going mental by now being up here alone and hanging out in the north woods with just myself, the house, and two crazy labs!
It has actually been a great get away for me to go on lots of walks, eat healthy, and catching up a loads of work stuff. Thanks Mom and Dad for trusting me with your beloved animals and home. We are having a great time together. Below are a few of my favorites from the last couple of days.

This is Cleo. Full of drama and spunk. Marches to her own drum. Here she is with her blankie (Dad's old sock!)

Here is Lucy and Cleo for our field trip to the frozen lake for a big walk!

On our walk we encountered some outside friends. Mr. Raccoon and a herd of 14 deer crossing the frozen lake. I had never seen deer cross the lake like this and thought it was awesome.

Can you see her thoughts? "Party on! Yah, right Em!"

"I stole your duck, and now I will keep it all to myself!" - Drama queen!

And the biggest joy of all, the ice is melting! It was 50 + degrees today and water pools started to form on top of the frozen part of the lake. I haven't been here for this before and it looks super cool!

And then she walks on water!!!! Okay, frozen water. Whatever! Self timer worked well for once! Thank you God for the beautiful day.


  1. i love this!!!! wish my back yard had all those critter in it, or maybe not:)

  2. love these! love you!!!!