Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Wow, it's been a while.
As one of my weekly bloggers told me last week, "I am sick of saying good morning to Mr. Eagle!" Thanks for the kick in the butt! I have neglected the blog these last few months as I crawled into organizing the office and studio phase of winter. Things are looking good on the inside, so now I jump into Summer Phase!!!
I'm so excited for the new season that is ahead. I have spent the last 2 months getting office things done to make the next season run even smoother and now it it time to start shooting again. I have some great location shoot coming up this year with some awesome clients! I get to go to Dominican Republic, New York City, Door County, Minocqua, Duluth, Minneapolis, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Dells, Alaska and don't forget Stevens Point. All for work! I have such a cool job. A big 2009 and I can't wait for it to get started.
I have also had some time to do some fun stuff the last few week in between the organizing and office work. To prove that I am not all work and no play below are some pictures of me actually getting out and about!

1. The Killers Concert
I was able to attend the Killers concert at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI with some friends. What a blast we had. I just love live music. The beats thumping through you just makes me feel alive!
To top off the night, I caught the drum stick after the drum solo! I felt like a total rock star even though I didn't have anything to do with any music making!!!! Below are some shots taken on my phone!

2. Joe's birthday party in Chicago and Arlington Heights!
My husband and I were lucky enough to sneak away for the weekend to attend our friends 30th birthday party in Chicago. I just love seeing all our friends and hanging out, but the best part was the theme birthday party. We all got our foofy hats out and went to the Arlington Park race track for the birthday party. Y'all know how I love a good theme party!!! I highly recommend a day out there. It was great fun.

3. Turkey hunting
Last but certainly not lease, I went turkey hunting with my Dad and husband in Southwest Wisconsin. We had beautiful weather and another fabulous time. I know girls, seems odd or maybe not your thing ... but it was great hanging outside in the fresh air and great for some bonding time with my favorite men.
Dad and I were sitting in a blind (hiding tent so the turkeys don't see you) and two Jakes (youth turkeys) came out of the brush together. Dad looked at me and said, "Well, shoot it!" On the count of three we both shot and bagged our birds! One of the birds had two beards. Very unique!
This isn't anything I ever envisioned myself doing, or really something I would do on my own ... but it was great being a part of something that Dad and Will totally love. Thanks guys for showing me the ropes and for being patient with my "ants in the pants" while waiting for the birds!!! Love you.

See girls, you can be a girly girl, rock star, and hunter all in the same blog post!!!
Thanks for checkin' in. There will be more updates soon, as shoots are quickly approaching!
Happy day,

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  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    FINALLY!!! For the sister who checks your blog almost twice a day, I've started to feel negative about Mr. Eagle. Can't wait for you to be back in Alaska, those rainbow trout better watch out, now that you can shoot a turkey, Ryan might take you on the Moose hunt!!! Megan