Wednesday, February 16, 2011

get your nails done!!!! "Shelack" in Stevens Point

Ever get your nails done and not 2 seconds after leaving the salon you nick or chip the paint?  I have a solution for you.  It's called "Shellac" and you can actually get it done in Stevens Point, WI with Sara at The Difference.  715.252.8071
Shellac is so awesome and it is now the only way I want a manicure.  For the same price of a regular manicure you can have perfect, hard nail polish, that lasts for up to two weeks, immediately after leaving the salon.  The Shellac isn't a gel or acrylic nail.  It is a polish that is painted on and dries before you leave the salon.  And I mean dries!  None of this waiting for an hour and still chipping a nail when you get in the car!
Please note, I am not a hand model.  I was however a bride and when I had a manicure the day before the wedding I was hoping my nails would look awesome for our pictures.  But once again, they chipped even before I made it to the rehearsal dinner.  Ugghh!  Now you can prevent that hassle with Shellac.  Get your nails done 4 days before the big day and still have beautiful nails the day of the wedding.  
Call Sara at The Difference 715.252.8071 and try it out.  You wont be disappointed.  
Ps.  She has all different colors, not just French tips.  

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