Thursday, June 14, 2012

.melissa & kent. Washington Island, WI wedding photographer

So here is the truth ... I am mental for this couples wedding!
I am loving everything about this wedding.  My blog posts are usually 10 to 20 images from a wedding with a slideshow.  This way you get a little taste at what the day was like, a snippet of my work, and a feel for the couple.  There were just too many things about this wedding to narrow it down.  I mean where do I start ...
The wedding took place on an island in Wisconsin.  I mean, totally cool.  All weekend my assistant and I were commenting that the island has touches of Wisconsin, like the small bars and the towny vibe, but you really feel like you are in a different place.  Everyone is so out of control friendly.  I love it and highly recommend a visit.  It's awesome!
Onto the actual wedding ... WOW & DUDE.  Melissa took coordinating colors and themes to a new level!  Words don't do it justice.  The colors of the dresses and suits, the flowers, the invites, the chairs that Kent made for the reception, the pillows with their initials, the cookies and sweets table that had handmade cookies from the Grandmas, even down to the color of her cell phone case ... coordinated!!!
Next the people ... Kent & Melissa = CRAZY in love.  As we were finishing up pictures with just the two of them I said, "Ok, now just look at the camera, relaxed faces, kinda serious."  I turned and walked away from them a few feet, gave them a moment, and when I turned back around they were in FULL smiles looking right at me unable to stop smiling!  It was awesome.  I just let them go with it.  In fact, while I'm editing I think they are smiling in almost every picture.  Their faces must have hurt Sunday morning.  Although from getting to know them it seems like they are pretty used to smiling most of the time.  The best part is that not only were Kent and Melissa full of joy, so were their family and friends.  A wedding party of 20 people isn't usually the easiest to wrangle!  Not this group.  Easy going, fun and kind ... what more could a couple ask for?  The island vibe must have gotten to everyone.
Three cheers to Katie from Seize the Day Events out of Green Bay, WI.  She did an amazing job at pulling off all of Melissa's dreams.  The ceremony was flawless at Kent's parents home and the tent at their family business (Mann's Mercantile) was gorgeous.  Every detail was perfect.  A big shout out to Elite Music out of Green Bay, WI as well.  Everyone had their dancing shoes on and the party continued long after I left.
Thank you Melissa and Kent.  Your joy makes my job ridiculously fun and makes me smile long after the wedding day is over!  All the best to you both and continued love.  Happy Honeymoon, Em



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