Wednesday, July 04, 2012

.pedro & jill. Calistoga, CA Madison WI Wedding photographer

LOVE = Jill & Pedro!
When Jill called me to tell me she was engaged I was overjoyed.  I have know Jill for over half my life and when people I love find love I get warm fuzzies!  To top off the excitement Jill asked me to be their photographer and I had perma glow!
The celebration was in Calistoga, CA deep in the heart of wine country.  What a perfect place for me to shoot as I love a good glass/bottle of wine!  The full wedding day took place at Hans Fahden up in the hills.  What a beautiful backdrop for this gorgeous couple.  I mean seriously, Jill and Pedro are amazing and lovely together.  I mean just look at how glowy and joyful they are together.
The best part is that we were completely blessed once again with the weather situation!!!  It was an overcast, cold and rainy day.  Again, nothing I can't work around but it is so much more lovely when it isn't raining for an outdoor ceremony.  Just like the week before ... the moment we started shooting the rain stopped and the sun even came out for a visit.  Jill and Pedro were able to have their outdoor ceremony and more outdoor pictures.  Then as if it was planned as we walked into the reception the cold and rain started up again.  Thank you God for blessing their day!
Many many cheers to Jill and Pedro.  I adore you both and am so excited to see where your next journey takes you.  Thank you for picking me to capture your memories.  All my love,  Em


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Gorgeous photos of the happy and handsome couple and their guests! Congratulations and all the best to Jill and Pedro for a love-filled life! Blessings, Lesli (and Bruce)

  2. Hello guys ,
    I'm inspired to see your professional photography . Just awesome .

  3. Amazing photography . Feeling better after seeing these .