Monday, June 24, 2013

.travis & kelsey. Stevens Point, WI Wedding photographer

Cheers to my newest fabulous rock star couple Travis and Kelsey.  Their day was a dream as it went perfectly well.  The forecast called for rain but no drops got on us.  We made our way throughout town to get pictures that captured both of their interests.  Kelsey likes nature, Travis likes contemporary.  At first look you might not think of Stevens Point as having much contemporary backdrops but surprise surprise ... we found some things to fit their need to a T!
What a gorgeous couple you are to work with, inside and out.  Your joy and smiles are infectious and make my job so much fun.  Thank you for loving each other so greatly.  Cheers to many more years of your love.  All the best,  Em


  1. so amazing places and photo shoot ..really great job ..go ahead
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  2. First of all appreciate your photography and then thanks for sharing it.
    Some great moments are captured that provides more happiness to people mind.

  3. Happy moment photography . Looks romantic .