Tuesday, September 15, 2015

.jennifer & thomas. Wedding Photographer Duluth, MN

When I was meeting with Jennifer and Thomas I asked them if they had a "Theme" for their wedding.  They looked at each other and then back at me with a questioning look on their faces.  "What do you mean by a theme?" they asked.   I told them couples will often have a theme as the backdrop of a wedding.  Such as rustic elegance, nature vintage or as wild as a Great Gatsby or Harry Porter themed weddings.  They giggled and said, "Um, the theme is us getting married!"  We all laughed.  I knew right there they were going to be great to work with on their big day.  The details that were important to them were the two of them being surrounded with their family and friends.
Don't get me wrong, themes are fun and beautiful to shoot but I loved that Jennifer and Thomas stuck true to their theme of love, commitment and being surrounded by the ones you love!
Congrats and cheers to many more years!  M

Location: Northland Country Club, Duluth MN


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