Thursday, October 15, 2015

.julia & wayne. White Bear Lake photographer

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Erickson!  I was a little concerned when I met Wayne that he was going to be all business and very formal during the wedding.  Being called Ma'am threw me for a loop as the northern boys usually aren't that respectful!  But within seconds of turning him around to see Julia the  switch was flipped and he became ANIMATED.  I believe if the military is looking for a male model similar to the Zealander movie, they have their man.
Julia too fell right into his trap of fun ... actually we all did!  It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and a fab time.  Thank you for the fun and enjoying your wedding day to the fullest with me.  I hope this images bring back fabulous memories for you for many year to come!

Location:  Dellwood Country Club  
Florist:  Lakeside Floral
Band:  High Brow and the Shades
Cake:  Buttercream 


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