Monday, March 05, 2007

pilates place morphs into adventure 212 place!

The coolest thing to happen in Stevens Point (besides M photography) ...

"212 Place" breaks ground!!!

This may just look like rocks and dirt now, but come this summer it will be the hottest place to be a part of in the area. John Joanis Drive, within the business park north of Kohl's, will house the the best gym in the mid west, Adventure 212, and the best place to eat and buy pre-made meals, Bistro 212.

Get ready Stevens Point ... big things are happening here!
Andria Davisson (owner of the Pilates Place) and Michelle Peariso are the genius minds behind this amazing idea. They are combining everything in one place so we can jump start our bodies to health.
Now you are thinking, "boring ... I hate working out ... and by the way, healthy food tastes like dirt!" Well get ready to be proven wrong. The things that 212 place will have are going to be things you have never thought were possible in a healthy atmosphere. FUN and GOOD FOOD!!!

Here Andria demo's one of the new fitness bikes. You pedal along to a biking video game while you watch your guy ride the terrain on the video screen in front of you. Pretty cool! A great way to play a fun game as well as get off the couch and get your feet moving!

Along the fitness Le Cordon Blue Chef Lydia Walthers is bringing us Bistro 212. On the day of the ground breaking Lydia served lunch ... and I have to say it was the best lunch I have had in a long time. Plus it was healthy for me.

After I had a brownie (again, that was good for you) I believe my mouth actually had a mouthgasm! I highly recommend this place! Lydia truly knows what she is doing in the kitchen! I can't wait to experience her creative and amazing food on a weekly bases this summer.
212 Place plans to open it's doors this summer. For more information please call 715.343.0212
Pre sales start mid-April.
To get things started before 212 opens, get involved at Andrea's current business, "The Pilates Place." 715.343.5848
Thanks for doing this in our community. You are doing an amazing thing here and I can't wait to be involved. Cheers to getting our butts moving!

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