Monday, March 12, 2007

alex & samantha

I had the pleasure of being invited to hang out at the Davisson's on Sunday afternoon to capture some "moments" of the kids. Alex, 3 months. Samantha, 3 years.
Now Alex is a true angel baby. Very mellow, Happy one. Just enjoying life. Every facial expression was amazing. So new and attentive. Where he was seeing or experiencing this new thing for the first time. What a good reminder to us adults! Take a deep breath and just enjoy the hands around your belly, tickle under the arm, or occasional gas bubble!!!

As for Samantha, she has got everything under control. Or thinks she does as most 3 year old do! A true (dare I say)

... diva in the making! She totally knows what she's doing even though at first she fakes you out to think that she has never had her picture taken before! Hilarious. Changing outfits and then just "bam" ... she's posing like she is on the cover of Vogue!

Sibling love.

After a long day of modeling, all a girl really needs is a ride on her red tricycle and her dad by her side!

Looking forward to documenting more days as they grow older! Thanks for including me in the fun!

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