Wednesday, February 17, 2010

forrest & jess, engagement

Jess & Forrest met at church while volunteering at for the youth group.  Since Forest was an intern at the time Jess likes to tell everyone that she was the Boss!  The love that they share for each other is obvious the first second that you are in their presence.  
We shockingly had a beautiful day for our shoot, even though it was a little cold by the river.  It's not Arizona weather, but for February it was nice.   I love the timing of the day we shot in and the all the sun flair.  Super hot!
I can't wait for your big day in July.  All the elements of your day sound amazing and I am so glad that I will be a part of the fun.  Thanks for spending your Friday afternoon with me.  All the best to you both,  Em

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  1. I see this is a happy couple .. Nice these romantic photos .