Friday, May 20, 2011

my new love miss bailey, Stevens Point photographer

Meet out new puppy, Bailey.  We have debated for years about getting a dog.  We finally took the leap after spending some time with our friends dog Lola and falling in love with her and her breed, which is Lhasapoo.   It took us a while to find a breeder that we trusted but when we found Cathy on the internet we knew.   Check out her website with live puppy videos and great homemade treat recipes.   Thank you Cathy, we adore her and as you can see below she still loves her Lamby!
The vet said she is super social ... my husbands response, "Just like her Mom!"  I couldn't help but to take some shots of her during our first weeks together.  I just love the shadow pictures below. Who knew that I would have such an Artzy Fartzy dog!
We are totally in love with her 7 pounds of fluff and can't wait for you to meet her too!  


  1. Megan9:41 AM

    I love her already and want to meet her ASAP! Ms Bailey, your Auntie Megan and Cousin Moose are excited to meet you. Great pictures, Em.

  2. Beautiful this little dog . Like it so much .