Thursday, May 26, 2011

tom & amy, Stevens Point WI wedding photographer

Cheers to my newest bride and groom, Tom & Amy.  Amy's description of unconditional love had me tear up during their ceremony.  I am confident that they have the tools to make a great marriage.  
The wedding day weather wasn't one most brides or grooms would pick out.  It was raining! A lot!  But just as we left Saint Bronz church in Plover, we were blessed and the rain let up.  We were given the perfect setting for outdoor photos.  Always having a plan B is key for Wisconsin's changing weather!
I took Amy and Tom to some of my secret, or not so secret locations, to match with Amy's favorite color green.  The spring time growth really popped Saturday and added beautiful color to their photos.  After our session we took the party to the Holiday Inn and let Over the Top Entertainment continue the fun.  
I'm thrilled for you both and am thankful for your energy and love on Saturday.  We had so much fun with you and your wedding party.  All the best,  Em


  1. this time a crappy weather worked for their advantage!! beautiful pictures!

  2. Some of photo background are natural .