Thursday, June 30, 2011

jeremy & trea, Madison wedding photographer

What a beautiful day it was to get married.  Just enough clouds, heat, sun, and love in the air made this wedding spectacular.  You know it was a good day for everyone when the groom calls on the way to the airport the next day to say "Thank you" and that he even had a good time during the shoot!  This is typical for most of my grooms ... usually they aren't super pumped about getting their picture taken, but by the end of the day they are super pumped on the slideshow playing at the reception!
Thank you for trusting me with your big weekend.  It was truly an honor to be witness to the love you were surrounded with on your big day.  It is obvious that you are and have great people!  What a joy to capture that kind of love.  Many cheers to you and your new family!

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  1. Interesting wedding . Great thanks for sharing thi spost with us . Like you post .