Tuesday, October 30, 2012

.amy & ryan. Milwaukee & Wisconsin Rapids, WI Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Happy days x 2 = Joy Joy Joy!
For the couple that wants the best of both worlds, this is an idea for you.  Amy & Ryan were married in Milwaukee at the court house in a beautiful private service with their two best friends.  They wanted it to be mellow, simple, easy and joy filled.  They got exactly what they were looking for!  After the judge made it official we cruised around Milwaukee to capture their joy in their favorite city.  This was the absolute best.  It gave them great images in great locations under no stress, just fun.  They then went back to their house and had a small picnic in the backyard.
A few months later they had a church ceremony in Wisconsin Rapids to celebrate their commitment to each other with their families present.  For a second time they had a beautiful day and great locations for pictures.  The reception that they held for family and friends was the best part.  Amy worked tirelessly to create an art gallery of images from their wedding day in Milwaukee to share with everyone.  Her design and detail was awesome as she totally made the Ridges into an art gallery.  It was their way of bringing some of their favorite pieces of Milwaukee to Wisconsin Rapids.  Watch the slideshow at the end to see the best of both days.
Congrats Amy and Ryan!  What great celebrations.  Thank you for including me.  All the best, Em


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