Wednesday, October 03, 2012

.heather & joe. Stevens Point, WI Stevens Point Wedding Photographer

The word that comes to mind as I edit each image of Heather and Joe's wedding day is JOY!  Their love for each other and the friends and family that they were surrounded with all day made working with them one of the best days of work ever.  Every time the wedding party jumped out of the limo I was in full giggles because they were so much fun.  They made a day of work feel like a day of hanging out with friends.  Right down to the flower girl sitting in the middle of the aisle during the ceremony, everyone was themselves and super fun!  (see below)
The only unfortunate part of the day is that there was some rain.  As you can see it didn't hamper the images at all.  We just had to wait it out a little.  The neatest part is that just as we were driving by this great field the sun popped out and we were blessed with some gorgeous light for 5 minutes.  I have a feeling that Heather & Joe's special guardians pulled some strings to make this awesomeness happen.
Thank you for sharing your joy with me.  I truly loved working with you on your wedding!  All the best, Em


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