Wednesday, April 17, 2013

.case of the blahs. Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

I recently have been feeling kinda blah about the weather.  I'm craving sun, even if I am only able to look at it from my office window.  The drabs of these cloudy days are not energizing to me at all.  I however found these two pictures from last summer and am reminded that some pretty cool shots can come from the clouds.
The top image was taken last summer during a CRAZY storm we had when Will and I were in our first  ever apartment.  A crazy time for us.  He encouraged me to grab for the camera during this lightning show even though I am not so fond of any kind of lighting viewing that isn't from inside and behind glass!  (If you ever want to know why, just ask!  A tale of what and what not to do at Alpine Valley, or any event outside!)
The bottom image was taken at my parents lake house one early morning when I was out with the dog. I had never seen clouds like that before.  They made the weirdest shapes and were super low to the ground.  I love all the colors in this shot and the lone loon chilling in the distance.
I hope this finds you all doing well on this rainy Wednesday and encourages you to find something in all the clouds these days.  All the best,  Em


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