Wednesday, November 23, 2011

.miss sloane. Stevens Point Portrait Photographer

Miss Sloane is the equivalent to pure JOY.  I have never been greeted at the front door by a one year old with such friendship and hugs.  Upon walking in she immediately went in for a hug.  My kind of woman!  If every session started like this I would only work with babies!  
And then Yoda the yellow lab joined in on the fun.  What a patient and lovely dog for Sloane.  We ended the shoot with some Cheerios and a water bowl.  Ha!  
Thank you Sloane, you are one of my favorites.  Keep up the good work!  Em

mom's wedding dress was brought out for some fun too!  So cute!


  1. How pretty little girl . Like her so much .

  2. Cute babies photos always my choice . Love this baby .