Wednesday, November 02, 2011

.ryan & angie. Madison, WI Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful day to get married.  You never know what you are going to get for a fall wedding in the Mid West, but this day was perfect.  There is nothing better than Autumn in Madison, WI with the leaves changing colors, the lake glistening in the sun and beautiful warm weather.  
Pair this scene with an adorable couple and you get total awesomeness!  Ryan and Angie's celebration took place at the Monona Terrace.  The were married on the roof and celebrated in one of the ballrooms for the reception.  Before and after the ceremony they gave me plenty of time to take them around the area to get them looking their best.  What troopers ... totally in love and totally letting me do my thing.  We went place to place and every time I would say, "There is another spot down the street.  Do you want to try it or head to cocktails?"  Every time they would respond with huge smiles and "Let's go to the next spot!"  Thanks for being so easy to work with over the last year.  You guys are the best.  Big thanks to Mike from Black Ice Studio for assisting during the day as well.  Cheers to Ryan and Angie and your marriage!  Em  

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