Tuesday, November 08, 2011

.mrs schmidt and baby. Anchorage, Ak Portrait Photographer

Oh DUDE!!!  I'm going to be AUNTIE Em come December!  I was super fortunate to have been able to go visit my sister mid October in Anchorage.  She is in the midst of making a human so I went up to help, hang and have some much needed sister time before she is full time Mommy!!!  What a blessed time we had and what a change it is to be sisters now from growing up.  Thank God I'm not as big of an ass as I used to be.  
Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!!!!  So pumped for her and Ryan, oh, and Moose (their Lab!).  I can't wait to meet Mr. Man in person.  Take her easy, put your feet up, keep cooking, and call me!  
All the best Meg.  I love you.  Em  


  1. Amy Blaz3:13 PM

    Nice work Auntie Em!! You're looking super cute Meg!!!

  2. I pray for her and her unborn child .

  3. Nice pregnancy shoot .