Friday, August 12, 2011

jen & dan, Lake Geneva, WI wedding photographer

Radient, glowy, relaxed, love!  This was the vibe for Jen and Dan's wedding day.  I was totally in love with Jen and Dan as we shot our way to their ceremony.  Every time I looked a Jen I couldn't help but ooggle over her gorgeous eyes.  She was stunning in her Monique Lhuillier Gown.  
The awesome setting was in Lake Geneva at a private residence on the lake.  The weather was a bit warm (90 degrees if I remember correctly) but everyone toughed it out.  Looking at the images you have no idea it was that hot.  
I adored Jen and Dan's ability to have a good time and be themselves in front of the camera.  As Dan said, "It probably helped a little that your fly was down when we started!  It made me laugh and relax!"  Well, I do what I can to make people feel comfortable!!!  Thanks for not letting me walk around all day like that!!!   That would of been so brutal! 
More importantly thank you for the fun and just being yourselves.  It really shows in the images.  Big thanks to Darcey for 2nd shooting as well.  Many Cheers to Jen & Dan and their big day.   Love, Em 

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  1. Happy couple and their photos are shooting exceptional .