Tuesday, August 30, 2011

.scott & christina. Sheboygan Wedding Photographer

 I originally met Scott and Christina on my way to shoot another wedding in Cabo, Mexico.  Long story short they were attending the wedding I was shooting and we became instant friends.  I was so excited to meet other people our age from Point that I had to keep my excitement bottled in as to not scare our new friends away.  I can't believe that was 3 1/2 years ago.  
Scott and Christina recently decided they wanted to celebrate what God has done in their marriage, and in each other, and do a vow renewal.   We joined together on a beautiful Sunday morning with a small service and brunch at Whistling Straights Golf Course in Kohler, WI.  What a gorgeous day we had to celebrate such a beautiful couple.  
We took full advantage of the local area and started the shoot at the Blue Harbor Resort and then made our way to the amazing American Club for more pictures.  The gardens, hallways, windows and coffee house on the property is a perfect location for an event.  For our final location we went to Whistling Straights where we were really treated like kings and queens.  Scott used to work there so he pulled the right strings and we were actually able to go out on the course!  What a photographer paradise!  The location is so AMAZING.  I can't recommend it enough!  
Thank you for including me in the fun and love of your day.  Cheers to you both and your amazing love.  Em

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  1. Nice wedding shoot . Great thanks for sharing .